Jeremy Zizmor is the founder of Assurance Family Partners, a company whose mission is to assist and empower individuals and families who need help managing their personal day to day finances. He is responsible for running all facets of the business.

Jeremy has worked in public and corporate finance and accounting since 1998. To assist clients with the customized and wide variety of issues contained in managing daily finances – from advocating for seniors social security and healthcare matters and assisting with bill pay, to family issues such as creating household employment of nannies and caregivers; from establishing financial goals leading to a path of financial freedom, to preparing a personalized binder of important records and papers to be ready for the unexpected – Jeremy draws on his earlier experiences in different fields and environments.

Prior to being a Daily Money Manager, Jeremy had a 14 year career at multiple levels of management for a well known online retail company. One of the initial employees at the company’s launch in 2007, he was a principal leader in the company’s accounting, treasury, and operations team. In addition to experience, he has a proven management track record developing standards and driving process implementation and performance measurement. His work ethic, reputation, compassion and integrity are his most important attributes, and he requires those same qualities in anyone that works with him.

After graduation from college, Jeremy began his professional career with the international Big 4 accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers in both their external audit and internal operations and systems audit practices. Jeremy has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Boston University, where he graduated with cum laude honors. Jeremy is a background checked, insured and bonded member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers.

In recognition of Jeremy’s work and background, Jeremy has been invited to speak on several occasions to bring awareness to the biggest sources of financial scam as well as preparing families for the unexpected by getting their financial and legal affairs organized so loved ones can step in with minimal difficulty .


My grandmother was always a strong willed and very independent person who I thought would never age, but as she got into her later years, her attention to detail started to slip. She made it abundantly clear to me that her remaining life’s goal was to age at home in comfort. I immediately became connected to and emotionally impacted by her wish – a wish that relied entirely on the ability to be trusted and to perform. My daily actions took on a new meaning, as their execution alone allowed my grandmother to meet her objective of prospering at home in comfort and with the confidence of meeting her financial obligations and not risking financial abuse. What started out as an extra set of eyes on my grandmother in the very beginning turned into full management of her daily finances for many years, and she was able to maintain her independence without worrying about getting payments made on time.

I thought about how fortunate my grandmother was to have her family available to her and have people with the skillset to care for her needs. Realizing through research that over 80% of seniors have a goal of aging in place, but not everyone has access to loved ones as a resource, I became motivated to make a difference by helping where there was a need. Assurance Family Partners was launched to fulfill a passion for serving others by leveraging decades of experience as a detailed finance executive, along with the interest and enjoyment I’ve found in managing my own finances since my first job as a teenager. In business to empower those who no longer wish to keep, no longer can keep, or don’t know where to start keeping their own personal finances on track and under control, my work takes me into homes throughout Boston, the northern, southern, and western suburbs. For some clients, I can work entirely remotely.

The oldest of two sons, I grew up in Sharon, Massachusetts, with the support and love of my parents, one of whom is a successful small business owner. Just as important as instilling me with humility, confidence, resilience, compassion, and being charitable, my parents educated me on financial literacy from a young age. Summer jobs were the norm if I wanted spending money for the school year. I lived within my meager means until I signed for my first loan to lease a car. I received my first lesson on the time value of money when I was gifted savings bonds for my 13th birthday. In my 30’s, while living in Boston, I met my would be wife and quickly knew that we would make a great team. We have a passion for delicious food, our movement health by staying active, and taking advantage of the outdoors in each season. We have two adopted cats that keep us endlessly entertained. A couple of years ago, I turned another passion of mine into a job when I became certified to instruct group exercise in strength training and cardio kickboxing at the area YMCA. Consistent with my story’s theme of creating meaningful experiences with others around me, teaching people to be more movement strong is no exception. There are all ages and levels of fitness in my classes. Each one of my participants has their own personal story, and each is on a journey through fitness that I feel fortunate has crossed paths with me. Similar to the daily money management business, my sense of fulfillment in group exercise instruction is driven from having the opportunity to engage, coach, inspire and celebrate their successes in overall health and wellbeing.

Elder financial abuse is a $3 billion per year business. If I can protect my clients and their families from financial fraud while empowering them to achieve their goals, then I’m honoring my grandmother with every client I help.

Jeremy Zizmor